I’m dreaming to wake to success yes

I wake up to the golden gates I’m blessed yes

God asking me what you do for me

My reply you see everything I see

I spy you see the devil in me moving constantly confusing me what I really see

But I see success at my best

You see success at my worst sin leads to death please put me in a hearse let me finish this quest 

My lord you will never be impressed

More or less so let me rest

Or let me know my purpose I possess 

No more stress, no more test

My impatience got the best

Don’t know what’s next or see the ref 

Jabs to my chess coughing up my blood my life is a mess

Need a holy hug with god as my vest

So I’m back in the fight with a vengeance 

woke up from my dream and asked for forgiveness 

One eye open the ambulance checking for my vision

Can you hear me sir we need to make an incision please listen

One by one i’ma murder every christian 

Relax sir you might feel tension

It would be best if you have no apprehension 

The vehicle started swerving 

Bang Bang head on collision 

Doves sang now I know the mission 

Tell every person the devil trying to catch them slippin’ but you don’t have to listen cause I know you understand and see my vision 

If you were raised up as Christian.